Wastage Eliminators

We provide several technology-based tools to improve performance while eliminating wastage of time and resources.

Wastage elimination covers both wastage through excess expenditure and lost revenue generation.


The Converter

Real time data leveraging provides Material Growth in Conversion Rates by Improving the Customer Experience by:

  • Changing Salesforce behaviour
  • Optimising Service Level Ratios

The result is Significant Market Share Growth and Sustainable Revenue Growth by identifying opportunities, refining activities and connecting with your customer.

The Staffer

Optimizes your staff resource requirements with Traffic Data to maintain an appropriate Service Level Ratio to retain an Excellent Customer Experience.

Real time actionable insights optimize staffing levels and drive sales.

The Transporter

Manages your Mobile Workforce to maximise their productivity in your business, through Line of Sight of their effective time in the business.

Eliminates Wastage of Workforce Time and Transport Resources.