The Get Set Series


Blind Spots: The Game Killers

What you don’t see, you can’t manage…

Blind Spots hide wastage. Financial reporting hides Blind Spots.

We see what Was; not what Should and Could have been Spent!

Once exposed through measurements, the waste can be effectively managed to achieve continuous reductions of wastage.

Examples hiding wastage are exposed knowing the answers to the following questions:

  • Do your staff levels match your customer traffic flow?
  • What are your sales conversion rates by store?
  • What percentage of your Field Managers time is in the stores versus on the road?
  • What percentage of your store staff’s time is spent on non-customer facing tasks?
  • What percentage of printing in your organisation is unnecessary?
  • Are you paying for unnecessary or non-delivered goods or services?

Fear blocks exposing Blind Spots. Unknowingly many Corporations are run by management through FEAR!

Making Your Team Feel At Home

Underpaying your team could be your biggest cost!

To get the best from and for your team, one needs to offer a fair value exchange, a sense of pride and belonging, a future for all.

Business Beyond Budgets

“Who wastes the most wins”

The bigger the Budget, the bigger the Salary and Position, creating even more Wastage!

Budgets based upon history and the belief that business growth equals spend growth and inflation dictates more spending, resulting in plans to waste more.

Mmanages the use of resources to yield the best returns for a sustainable business.

Organisational Structures; Policies; Procedures; Processes and the Wrong KPIs disengage people.

A Single Focus with live Mbased “Games” Matches your business’s Game Plan to make you a WINNER!

Banting for Business

Is your business banting or panting?

Injecting new vitality into your business.

Get lean, get mean and get green!