The Converter

The Converter – Shopper Conversion Module

Optimising Customer Experience through line of sight solutions to eliminate the wastage of time and resources

The Converter is a real time, visible, shopper conversion management solution, monitoring your shopper service delivery with interactive analytics to direct shopper engagement, driving dramatic sales increases and sustainable market share growth.

The Converter - shopper conversion module

Shopper Conversion Module Features:

  • Hourly shopper service delivery (Conversion Rate) reporting distributed to Live Scoreboards for workforce engagement;
  • Targeted Conversion Rates to drive service delivery supported by workforce reward programs;
  • Regular performance reporting on Conversion and Service Level;
  • Engages and energisers your retail workforce forever;
  • Reduces staff turnover;
  • Drives your workforce and customer experience to traditionally unattainable levels;
  • Drives market share gains;
  • Reduces stock losses.

Shopper Conversion Module - December 2017

The Converter improves top line revenue and realised gross margins through faster rate of sale/reduced markdowns.

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