The Get Set Series

  Blind Spots: The Game Killers What you don’t see, you can’t manage… Blind Spots hide wastage. Financial reporting hides Blind Spots. We see what Was; not what Should and Could have been Spent! Once exposed through measurements, the waste can be effectively managed to achieve continuous reductions of wastage. Examples hiding wastage are exposed knowing the answers to the following questions: Do your staff levels match your customer traffic flow? What are your sales conversion rates by store? What percentage of your Field Managers time is in the stores versus on the road? What percentage of your store staff’s […]

The Game is On & Ongoing

Is your business in it to win it? Connecting everyone in your organisation from the bottom up with the golden thread of Line of Sight. Visible “Real Time Scoring” to create winners every single day! Everyone will be “IN IT TO WIN IT”: Energised, Valued, Proud, and Passionate to deliver a great experience to your customers.

Maintaining Performance Series

ECG and EEG for Business… Current Health Assessment Financial reporting is an indicator of your vital signs for post-appraisal. Future Health Target Real-time resource usage and output is the key to your vital signs that you can manage.